Summer League

The Wimborne / Wessex Summer League is organised as an annual league over the summer months, with events contributed by Wessex and the neighbouring club Wimborne Orienteers. Like the Night League, all of the events are open for entry by anyone, with the majority organised in a 60 minute score format – although there is always something unique. The summer league events are collated into a League by Wimborne Orienteers.


The events from the previous seasons are listed further below.


Remaining events in this season:

Completed events this season:

Previous seasons:

Season Events Archive  Winners Season Summary
Women Men Non-Handicap Women Non-Handicap Men
2016 Mary Nixon (SOC) Chris Branford (WIM) Mary Nixon (SOC) Dale Paget (WSX) League Tables
2015 Kirsty Staunton (WIM) Dale Paget (WSX) Jo Pickering (WIM) Dale Paget (WSX) League TableNon-Handicap League Table
2014 Kirsty Staunton (WIM)  Gavin Clegg (WSX)  Jo Pickering (WIM) Dale Paget (WSX)  League TableNon-Handicap League Table
2013  Wendy Bullen (WIM)  Darren Whittingham (WIM) League Table
2012 Wendy Bullen (WIM)  Gavin Clegg (WSX) League Table
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