Summer Series

2023: There are 6 events, run jointly by WIM and WSX, which are free. Just turn up!

There are also 12 MapRun-style events this summer, organised by WIM and WSX. League Details can be found  here:  2023DorsetMapRunLeagueGuide230310

Register for the League on RaceSign Up – listed under the September events ‘Apr-Sep’ Dorset Summer MapRun League.

Note: MapRun7 is now available and you are advised to update.


Event1Results – Milldown Blandford.

Event 2 Results and Overall League Table

Overall League Results after week 3

League Results after Week 4 (Corfe)

League Results after Week 6 (Verwood)

League Results after Week 11 (Kings Park)

2022: There were 6 events, run jointly by WSX and WIM and the results are here. Congratulations to James Crickmore for winning all the 5 events he attended and therefore won the overall league.

Previous seasons:

Season Events Archive WinnersSeason Summary
WomenMenNon-Handicap WomenNon-Handicap Men
2016Mary Nixon (SOC)Chris Branford (WIM)Mary Nixon (SOC)Dale Paget (WSX)League Tables
2015Kirsty Staunton (WIM)Dale Paget (WSX)Jo Pickering (WIM)Dale Paget (WSX)League TableNon-Handicap League Table
2014Kirsty Staunton (WIM) Gavin Clegg (WSX) Jo Pickering (WIM)Dale Paget (WSX) League TableNon-Handicap League Table
2013 Wendy Bullen (WIM) Darren Whittingham (WIM)League Table
2012Wendy Bullen (WIM) Gavin Clegg (WSX)League Table
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