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Comments from Organiser Ian Sayer

Many thanks to all who came to the Boscombe Chine Night Event. I hope you enjoyed it despite some last minute works making it difficult. Control 49 could not be used as they piled pipes up where it should have gone in the hour or so before I put the controls out. Also the road which was impassable for pedestrians had been passable the day before. So apologies for those caught out.
Interesting to see the varied routes, I had thought that the best place to transition from odds to evens or vice versa was at controls 50/51 but the winners thought otherwise, and who can say they were wrong.


A perfect event. Certainly from the League Compilers perspective. The winner scoring 500 points which means he didn’t have to do any complicated arithmetic to scale everything back to 500! This was achieved by Ian not putting out one control (again!). This time deliberately, due to pipe works that day that precluded anyone getting near where he had planned to put it – and he did tell everyone about it! The excellence of the planning was shown by the myriad of different routes taken and the debate back in the pub as to where was the best place to change from odds to evens (or vice versa). Ian felt it was around 46/47, Andy and Gavin thought 50/51. Checking it on Google pedometer both are just over 11k with less than 25 mtrs in it either way.

Pre-Event Bulletin:

Venue:Boscombe Chine, Promenade and Gardens Grid Ref SZ112912. Event Centre Harvester Pub and Restaurant.
Parking:Car Park behind Neptune Pub or nearby streets
Terrain:Promenade, Streets and some areas of parkland & cliff tops.
Map:1:4200 with 5m contours
Timing:S.I. Electronic punching
Courses:1 hour score (Wessex Night League)


Course Closes

17:30 – 18:30

Between 18.15 – 18.45


Fees:Seniors £5
Entries:Please email the Organiser to reserve a map before November 30th
Facilities:Indoor bar area with toilets. Suitable for meal and drinks after


 Planner and


Ian Sayer
[email protected]

Downloadable Night League Flyer.

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