WNL4 – Chandler’s Ford (SOC)

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  • Event area (map): Knightwood and Valley Park
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  • 1 hour night score around housing estates and small areas of woodland. Organised by Southampton Orienteering Club.

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Two races to catch up with and lots of changes to the league positions. In the Open, Andy Snell has taken over the lead from Andy Blanchflower and John Oakes. Stu Southwick is up 13 to 4th , part of that is due to me missing out Stu’s result from Amesbury – sorry Stu. Becca Ellis is also a big mover, up 12 to 12th. On the Handicap Chris Branford is up 5 to first, Andy Snell and John Oakes both up 4 places to 3rd and 4th, Charlotte Thornton up 24 to 7th

Organiser David Currie writes: I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. The woods are particularly challenging at this time of the year with many of the smaller paths overgrown and/or hidden by leaves and that’s before it gets dark! Congratulations to Rob on proving me wrong and managing to get all of the controls (28 of them in 11.5km and 55 minutes). Thanks to Colin for mapping, Bill/Roger for surveying and control hanging along with Kevin, Ian and my extended family. Thanks also to Allan for providing the kit and his time, ably assisted by Terry. Results are available on the Emit UK site. And this from Competitor Mike Frizzell: Thank you to all for putting on another great Night League event. I struggled with doing 5 events in six days, the knees were telling me so. Well done to Rob for doing them all, a fantastic effort.

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See further details of this event on the website of SOC.

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