WNL11 – Romsey (SOC)

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In the Handicap League, with Charlotte not running at Romsey, Chris has moved up to top spot. Mary Nixon up 10 to 6th is mounting her challenge. Further down Ian Sayer is up 3 and Liz Snell, Bernie Fowler and Tim Houlder all up 6 places. In the Open just a shuffling of points with John Oakes up 2 to 5th and Bernie Fowler up 6 to 11th. There are now 16 competitors with 7, 8 or 9 runs under their belt so the prestigious title of most races attended is going to be closely fought this year. With that in mind the Prize Giving will be held on the evening of Monday 3rd April at Wimborne Town Hall. There will be an urban O around the town beforehand. Checkout the WIM website for details nearer the time. All results on the Wessex Website: http://www.wessex-oc.org/night_league_details.htm

From Organiser Rob Finch: A dedicated crowd of orienteers braved the conditions to run around Romsey in the latest Wessex Night League event. The weather was better than forecast, with the worst of the rain and sleet coming down during the control hanging. I tried to plan a course that I would enjoy the challenge of running (while giving a good challenge to all competitors). I had also spotted that 19 runners had cleared up in Poole at the last event! The custom O map with a 1:10,000 scale of Romsey allowed me a large area to work with (slightly hindered by the railway crossing closure). It was very difficult or near impossible to clear up all the controls so the tactics for everyone were which controls to get. From the discussions after, I think more was to be gained from focusing on the points value of each control (rather than being tempted to run too far for low scores). There were 4 different first controls in the top 10 runners, though David Currie and Peter Suba in first and second took almost identical routes around the town. David had a bit more speed and was able to get a couple of extra controls towards the end and ultimately the win! The venue seemed popular with central location, good food and our own separate space. Thanks go to Mary the organiser, my small but hardy team of control hangers and collectors, and Terry and Alan for supporting with the registration and timing. Any comments or feedback on the courses, map and venue will be happily received.

From Lynn Branford: Shall we? Shan’t we? We spent most of the afternoon watching the weather radar and asking ourselves this question. In the end we decided to set off (with blanket, spade and hot drink in the car) As we travelled across the New Forest the heavy rain was indeed turning to sleet. Arriving in Romsey – we first visited the wrong pub – and then decided to read the final details properly! Twice around the one-way system we eventually found the other intrepid orienteers who also had made the journey. Was it worth it? Definitely! By the time we ran it had stopped raining. The non-ISSOM map at 1:10,000 made the navigation different from usual – but none the less enjoyable. A slightly different technique is needed – also the trick is not to over-estimate the ground you are able to cover. From the results the planner won – no-one gaining full points (not even with time penalties.) There was the usual discussion post event – over best routes and the use of this sort of map. Also most were too hot. We had mainly dressed for the arctic conditions. Then the post-race meal before a less eventful journey home if you discount being ‘gritted’ on the M27! Thank you SOC – especially in the conditions.

Pre-Event Bulletin:

Note – details were copied from the website of Southampton Orienteering Club. You may find more up to date information there following this link.

Directions and Parking

Venue: The Phoenix Pub, 30-32 The Hundred, SO51 5BW
Please use the back entrance of the pub, off Latimer Street. Go through the gateway of the beergarden and turn right immediately after entering.

plenty of car parks around town centre, free after 4pm. Lortemore Place CP is the closest to the venue.


We have a separate room booked.


custom orienteering map (NOT ISOM/ISSOM standard).

Registration & Start Times

Registration: from 5:30pm, starts from 5:45-7:00pm. Courses close at 8:15pm

Course Information

60 min score. A score course simply means that there is no set order for the controls. Competitors collect point values for each control they visit in any order they like within the time limit.

Entry Details

Seniors         £5.00

The event will use emit touch free timing.

Contacts / Officials

Planner: Robert Finch
Organiser: Mary Nixon

Safety and Risk

Under 16s need to be accompanied by an adult.

Privacy: when entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports.

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