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From Nick Barrable (2nd): My first time to Poole. Lovely area and some interesting variety – which was lacking at TVOCs Didcot SEOUL earlier in the day! Some interesting conundrums in the routes at times. I knew there were 2 misplaced controls but you forget about that till you come across them. The first was obvious (119) as I came to it from the NE and it was right in front of me. As I went south to 116 my distance judgement was poor and I stopped under the 116 number printed on the map and thought I had gone into a Bermuda triangle! I could not see what I had done, where I was and of course the compass didn’t quite match what I was thinking. I headed south to the sea. Eventually I worked out where I was and did 117 on the coast and ran back to get 116. I had stopped 20m from it the first time. How frustrating! My trouble did not end there. 115 was the more misplaced control and the mapping needs a relook. I went round and into the car park area from the south hunting for where it could be, only spotting it in the bush when I returned next to the L-shaped building(?), which should have been a low wall, opposite the uncrossable wall (in the descriptions) which was mapped (correctly) as a fence, but whose tags were tricky to see beside the circle, and whose tags were not repeated further down the fence, so it might have turned into a fence (as per the descriptions) but it didn’t. The control codes were not in order in the description list making it difficult to find your control description the odd time you needed to look for it too. Nevertheless, as an evening mid-week training on a new map with social pub food and drink afterwards, it was excellent!

From Jo Pickering: (5th): Having run a few times in Poole, I always look forward to running urban events there and was looking forward to seeing what this course could offer. The night was cold and I arrived at the Wetherspoons pub to see those pulling on extra layers and getting ready to bear the cold… I do sometimes wonder what non-orienteers think of us when running around at night with head torches in high-viz lycra looking for controls! My only aim for the night league is to beat my sister-in-law, Annie, and its always tough competition between the two of us. I headed out first and picking up the map, made a quick decision to head in an anti-clockwise loop. It was a normal 60 minute score event with 24 controls ranging from 10 points to one 50 point control. I feel the route choice I made was good although could have improved on making more quick decisions between controls. There were a few tricky controls whereby you had to determine carefully whether they were the inside or outside corner of a building/gate otherwise you could easily lose a fair bit of time. Luckily I managed to hit them spot on and arrived back in a time of 38.42 which worried me that I had missed a few controls but luckily was just a fast course. I waited eagerly for Annie to arrive back and watched her download her splits….. beaten me by 34 seconds!! I will have to beat her next time but I did manage to beat my brother (Annie’s husband) so the night was still a success! Thanks to Julie and Richard for organising a good event and look forward to the next one.

Pre-Event Bulletin:

Venue:Event Centre: ‘The Quay’ Wetherspoons Pub, 21 The Quay
Parking:Prosperous Street, Poole, BH15 1BB
Hill Street, Poole, BH15 1NR
Strand Street, Poole, BH15 1SB (Multi Storey)
Terrain:Flat urban running around Poole. Terrain will include the network of alleys in the old town, Poole Quay
Timing:S.I. Electronic punching
Courses:60 Minute Score Event for Wessex Night League


Course Closes

17:30 – 18:30

Between 18.15 – 18.45


Fees:Seniors £5
Entries:Please email the Organiser to reserve a map before December 23rd
Facilities:Indoor bar area with toilets. Suitable for meal and drinks after.




Richard Arman

Julie Astin [email protected]

Downloadable Night League Flyer

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