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A bountiful turnout, a superb venue and a challenging course. Thanks to all who came, you seemed to enjoy yourselves. Its not easy to produce a good score event. Control sites have to well thought out, as your route could bring you in from any direction and I try to make your brain frazzle when working out the optimum route. Judging from the splits this succeeded as there were only two identical routes taken. Tim was victorious with a four second victory over Dale, Tim did ask what I thought was the optimum route – “Haven’t got a clue” said I. Sorry to those that noticed the two transposed controls. It didn’t seem to phase the score event competitors but sincere apologies to Yvette on the linear course who was at the right place but didn’t punch as it was the wrong number so thought she was wrong. Thanks to all the helpers and to Emma from “Just Bean Ground”, the venue for the evening.

In the Leagues there is little change. On the Handicap, Julie is up 1 place, Ian Jane and Kirsty up 3, Tim Colin and Sally up 4. Dale now has maximum points and whilst he wont win outright has to stay sharp to fend off the challenge from Chris. Carolyn has to hope Tim and Dale keep Charlotte and Mary’s scores low in the forthcoming 7 races. Lots of scope for changes in the minor places though. In the Non Handicap Dale has maximum points and cant be beaten. Tim could draw if he wins 5 of the last 7 races and theoretically someone could come out of the woodwork and win all the last 7 races to tie.

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Another great run around Poole.

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