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First my apologies for the break in transmission. I have now been reunited with my computer and the league has been updated for Fleming Park, Slades Farm and Holton Lee. Just three more races to go on what has been an excellently attended series. In the Handicap competition the ladies are ruling the roost. With six people in contention the only male flying the flag is Chris Branford. Carolyn is still favourite but Charlotte and Chris are creeping ever closer.

Three others still in with a shout, should they score well at the last three events, are Mary Nixon, Kirsty Staunton and Jane Morgan, now fully recovered from her calf injury as displayed by her recent wins in Portugal. In the Non Handicap league its the reverse, with Becca Ellis and Carolyn the only women in the top 10. Dale is going to win as I have it on good authority that Tim Morgan wont make at least one of the next two races and as he is planning Lyndhurst will score 480 for that, so well done Dale. Dale has only missed one of the league races to date. Second and third place for Andy and Chris also look pretty secure, but forth to tenth look likely to change. Becca could make forth as could Frida, but my money is on Jason to bridge the 12 point gap to Ian.

Don’t forget to email Eric Whapples if you want to run on that very special place of Brownsea Island. If you don’t then there wont be a place on the boat for you.

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A Valentine’s Day Special!

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