Summer League 1 – Kings Park

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Summer Series Event 1 – Kings Park

We hope that everyone who came to Kings Park on Saturday 15th May enjoyed themselves and now know a little more about the Sport of Orienteering. If you want to know more please look further on our web-site and don’t forget that there are still 5 more sessions to come over the next couple of months. The leaflet which you have received gives locations and dates and we look forward to seeing you there (if you have lost the leaflet look on the web-site, it is there). The sessions should get a little more challenging so that your skills improve over the weeks, but don’t worry if you can’t make all the sessions, just come along to as many as you can.

Course One (Short Easy)
Lorna Sayer 15.06
Lauren & Morgan Burrett 17.47
Jo Sayer 18.25
Yvette Paget 20.13
Alice Nabrey 20.28
Caja Whapples 20.38
Joshua Clark 21.11
Paul Gaze 22.02
Elan & James 24.36
Course Two (Long Easy)
Connor Newell 15.01
Fiona Phillips 19.32
Paul Gaze 21.39
Joanne Randall 23.58
Joe Whitcher 24.25
Joshua Clark 25.18
Adam Williams 26.30
Barry Luker 36.38
Caja Whapples 37.27
Miriam 39.31
Katy 39.31
Course Three (All controls, shortest route)
Gordon Paget 27.26
Course Four (All Controls in number order)
Dale Paget 18.09
Roger Crickmore (in reverse) 21.08
James Crickmore 24.53
Connor Newell 38.37

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