Corfe Castle & Common – Dorset Summer MapRun League #4

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Pre-Event Bulletin:

The Corfe Maprun for the summer series uses a 1:7,500 map showing the village to the north and part of the common to the south. The start/finish is conveniently located at the edge of a car park just off West St, at BH20 5EB. It costs £3.00 for 2 hours, but free after 18.00. There isn’t a lot of free parking around Corfe and what there is is mainly 1 hour only. Also, at peak tourist times it can be very busy and congested so best run in the evening or on a grey day if possible.

There are a few controls that require road crossings. Please be careful when crossing East St which runs N to S on the East side of the map – it is the main tourist route into and out of Purbeck so is often very busy with traffic. Also, please note the two crossing points to control 10 that are the only legal routes to that control. The N most crossing is just N of a blind summit so please listen carefully for approaching traffic which sometimes comes quite fast.

Be prepared to get your feet wet at a couple of the controls on the common. There are some boggy bits.

Access to control 05 is via the Corfe railway station platform and over the footbridge. In the evenings access is via a path around the NW end of the station building but when the trains are running that path is blocked with a gate and access is through the ticket office in the station building. It is absolutely fine to go through the ticket office and along the platform – it is a right of way.

PDF map is here.


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