WNL16 – Boscombe Chine and Gardens Night League

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The following fromĀ John Cook: The evening was a mild 6c and positively warm compared to recent WRNL events, with the start and finish at sea level, the course regardless of route would have been flat on the average! Apparently the 20 control course had an optimum route of around 11km, the contour-less map offered a climb out from the start and a descent back along the esplanade to the finish. A good event, loved the reaction of the locals, spent a little time double-checking that the missing control 49 was missing… Thought the busy roads marked on the map with a heavy line and, crossing points a good safety idea… Well run Peter, all controls in 53 mins impressive…

A relatively fine night (compared to the weather we’ve been experiencing recently) attracted 41 entries to run around the extended map (thanks to Ian for that – and the planning & organisation). MostĀ competitors seemed to enjoy their outing and it was nice to see a few new faces as well as the dedicated regulars, some of whom travelled a fair old distance to join in.

Thanks to all for coming.

Unfortunately control 49 seemed to go missing about 19:20 (based on a rough analysis of punches at nearby controls). Those who were unable to collect the 10 points (and who reported it) have all been credited with that control, so hopefully results are not affected. I don’t believe anyone has missed out.


A couple of dibbers went missing (both inside the Neptune pub) they are 9102261 (Mary Nixon) and 2049749 (WSX hire dibber). If you have found either please contact me by email [email protected]



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Here’s the flier.

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