Wessex Region Night League

The Wessex Region Night League is organised as an annual league over the winter months, with events contributed by clubs in the SWOA region. All of the events are open for entry by anyone, with the majority organised in a 60 minute score format – although there is always something unique.

  • Latest Post Event comments after WNL20 – Kings and Queens Night League Event:

    Julie Astin says: Many thanks to everyone who turned up last night. It was a great social evening, apart from anything else, which I think is one of the great attractions of the Night League events. I apologise for those of you who chose to go around the map clockwise, as I believe (from those that clearly have a more calculating mind than me) that you were at a disadvantage regarding the bonus control. I thought I'd made it fair,but clearly not fair enough! Many thanks to Tim who gave up his run to oversee the technology - it was great to see the live results on the screen. It all added to the excitement of the evening. Also, thanks to Peter, Ian, Gavin, Roger and James for helping to collect in the controls at 9.30. Much appreciated. And, of course, thanks to Gavin for sacrificing his meal to enter all the results on the spreadsheet so that we could have the final presentation awards. Finally, I have a pair of (rather well-worn) pink/purple Saucony trainers, size 7.5. If they're yours, let me know and I'll try and get them back to you in the near future.     Final Note from Gavin:

    We have Julie Astin and Wessex to thank for a great season finale, with results on the TV screen, buffet and the prizegiving. Julie, the planner for Bournemouth, had included three bonus controls that caught a few people out but everyone seemed to have fun. Bournemouth results can be found here:  www.wessex-oc.org.uk/events/event/kings-and-queens-night-league-event/

    Tommi Grover wrote an excellent piece about the Western Night League in his editorial for BOK News. It applies equally to the Wessex Region Night League and with Tommi’s permission I adapt it here: ……..made me reflect on how great it is to be involved in a sport that is neighbourly and supportive. While the Western Night League (Insert Wessex Region Night League) may only attract 30 to 50 orienteers per event, it is the perfect example of how neighbouring clubs can come together and create an exciting, fun and sociable league to serve the niche community of night orienteers. We might be few in numbers but it is great that WSX, WIM, SARUM, SOC, BADO, BAOC and NWO are so willing to support the competition. If you have ever wanted to try night orienteering the barriers to entry are now so low that it is a great time to do so. Powerful headtorches have never been so readily available and there are plenty of active night orienteers who would be willing to help out and lift share. We nearly always have a venue for post orienteering chat so it’s much more sociable that the normal winter day time orienteering. Come and join us!

    Finally to the League results:

    The Men’s Open had already been decided but Peter Suba rubber stamped things by winning at Bournemouth. Dan Cope, on the same points as Peter was second on countback, with Alan Blanchflower third.

    The Women’s Open title was still up for grabs. Tereza had a poor run at Bournemouth by her standards but Becca and Jo couldn’t quite find the high scores they needed and Tereza ran out a deserved winner by 54 points. Becca pipping Jo to second by just 4 points.

    It was a similar story in the Women’s Handicap with Carolyn just not scoring high enough in the last race for Charlotte to take her umpteenth title by 34 points. Same story for Mary Nixon who just couldn’t find the 24 points to overhaul Jane Morgan in third.

    In the Men’s Handicap, as I predicted a few weeks ago, Chris Branford came through right at the end to just pip Mike Frizzell by 50 points. Robin Smith was third.

    Tereza and Ella had there magnificent effort of attending every race recognised with flowers and a voucher.

    Photos of the prize giving can be found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/owls-count/albums/72157666456636018


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Handicap W Handicap M Non-Handicap W Non-Handicap M
2016/2017 Charlotte Thornton Gavin Clegg Annie Pickering Gavin Clegg Final Report, Handicap League Table, Open League Table
2015/2016 Charlotte Thornton Gavin Clegg Annie Crookshank Andy Snell Final ReportLeague TableNon-Handicap League Table
2014/2015 Charlotte Thornton Chris Branford N/A Dale Paget Final Report, League TableNon-Handicap League Table
2013/2014 Jane Morgan Chris Branford N/A Dale Paget League TableNon-Handicap League Table
2012/2013 Charlotte Thornton Gavin Clegg N/A N/A League Table
2011/2012 Charlotte Thornton Gavin Clegg N/A N/A League Table


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