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Posted on Sat, 9th April 2022 by Gavin Avey-Hebditch

Hello all,

I’m the other Gavin, hardly seen as working in Hackney since 2014, but have remained a WESSEX member for reasons of this club being the first I joined returning from abroad with the military and joining any other club would not mean I see much of them either due to the shift work I have had since then.

This year I am taking three months off work to go and do something to help those in Ukraine. Working in law enforcement, I have hooked up with a Met Police Officer, Lee Chapman, and this is his effort to help below.

Hi Gavin,

Good to hear from you.  I have just had a call from one of my working partners within this project about releasing funds for Ex MOD Vehicles and A&E Ambulances that are fully commissioned /kitted out. I have a contact for X15 Fiat Ducato ready to go Ambulances. I do need a few more drivers on the list, driving to the border, options are open. Likewise, I am on a career break from the Met at the moment myself.  

By any chance, do you know where to get fully kitted Mercedes Sprinters directly. My working partner is also interested in these, there are many all over the web on different sites. Let me know if you have any contact with South Central who might be shifting old stock.  

If you could help spread the word, get people to donate, then we can get things quicker. I am also talking with private investors directly to speed things up, though we do need traffic to go through crowdfunder.  

Ukraine Humanitarian Rescue Team – a Charities crowdfunding project in Poole by Leo Chapman (

Kind regards,

I’ve managed to get from my borough some medical supplies including gloves, about to expire ration packs other items and sadly body bags. As you can read above, Lee comes from Poole and might actually still live there, perhaps he might be able to speak with you all one night if he does about this?

What my intention is here is to tap any unknown resources that you might have that could provide any help with this project. I do not know all of your skills or contacts that you have accrued over the years that might want to help in a supportive role providing equipment or actively participate in the planned journey to take these ambulances to the war torn country of Ukraine.

As you can see initially it is to take them to the border, but as I plan to take my three months break at the beginning of the journey (if it matches Lee’s plans of course) I hope to be of further use in the weeks after.  What that might entail I am not sure at the moment, either way I am not able to go before I get my house in order until the end of June, early July is my estimate.

I might be able to get to a club event before I do go.




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