Co-Chairman’s Chat – February 10th

Posted on Mon, 10th February 2020 by Julie Astin
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Not a lot to report on this week. The only event was organised by Sarum at Denny Wood in the New Forest on Saturday. There was a daytime event, attended by 7 members with the best results being achieved by James (2nd on Blue) and Lyra (1st on Green) Full results are here.

In the evening, there was a Night League event at the same location (well done to Sarum for their stamina!) It was a beautiful full moonlit night and not too cold. Again, 7  WSX members attended and the best results were Alan (3rd) and John (9th). After my last disastrous venture in the forest at night I was a bit apprehensive, but managed to do much better this time, getting 240 points and coming back before the 60 minutes was up. So well pleased. Full results are here. After the event, 18 people from WSX, WIM, Sarum and BOK went for a lovely Italian meal in Lyndhurst to celebrate Rob Hick’s 60th birthday – which is actually today (10th).  Big thanks to Carolyn Dent for organising. So a lovely end to a great day.

Two more events to go in the Night League now; the British Night Champs at Hambleden on February 22nd (with the Chiltern Challenge on the following day at same venue); and our own event at Queens Park on February 24th. If you’re planning to come to the latter event, PLEASE pre-register by February 17th as I need to order the food.

Next weekend is WIM’s event at Ocknell, New Forest – entries still open on fabian4.

March 1st is our SWO League event at Blackwater, for which we need all the helpers we can get. We also need to know how many maps to order – so PLEASE pre-enter on fabian4.

On the same day, Lyra will be representing England  in W14 at the Interland event at Burnham and Egypt so we wish all the very best. If her recent performances are anything to go by, she’ll cruise it!!

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