Co-Chairman’s Chat – January 14th

Posted on Tue, 14th January 2020 by Julie Astin
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Another wet Night League event last night! But 54 dedicated (mad!) competitors turned out in the foul weather in Fordingbridge, organised by WIM. Although it’s bad enough for the competitors, I always have sympathy for those putting out and collecting the controls. So a huge thanks to all the WIM members concerned.

It was an ‘Odds and Evens’ format which I promptly forgot as I headed off through a massive puddle in the car park towards my first (50-pointer) control. I started to suspect something when another competitor a bit ahead of me didn’t go and pick up the 40-pointer which I was aiming for. It then dawned on me (too late!) that I should be doing odds and evens. Hey ho! It’s not as if I’m in contention in the Leagues (certainly not the Open League, and doubtful in the Handicap). So I just ploughed on through the, at times, driving rain and very wet streets and paths. But I was thoroughly enjoying myself! I, bizarrely, seem to thrive in adverse weather. I had about 10 minutes to go as I was getting near the Finish so decided to leg it over the bridge to get another 40-pointer in a (very sodden) Victoria Park. So a total of 15 controls and 370 points, so I was well pleased with that.

As regards those who did the event properly…..only 2 managed to get all the controls and it took them 56/7 minutes – so excellent planning by Eamon Staunton. Alan Blanchflower came 2nd after Rob Finch (61 secs faster!) with James in 4th and Gavin in 9th. Excellent results.

Full results are here.

The evening was topped off with a very convivial drink and meal in the George. Now I’m trying to dry out everything……

Sunday was actually a dry day (hurrah!) and a handful of WSX members ventured up to West Woods near Marlborough for the NWO event. Fortunately, the planner had planned the courses so as to avoid the worst of the brambles, for which the area is renowned. But the muddy paths were something else!! One’s shoes were thick with mud by the time you got to the Start and for the first couple of controls it was also bad. After that it was much better and it was a really enjoyable run – I use the term ‘run’ loosely! I messed up control 5, taking 11 minutes instead of about 4 (forgot the basic tecniques of aiming off and pacing) so ended up taking 56 minutes plus for a 3.5k Green course (why so short?)

Jolyon and Peter had a tussle on the Brown, with Peter coming out 8 secs ahead of Jolyon! A great 4th place for Esk on Orange. And Lyra would have come 1st on Green had she not punched the wrong last control. Shame.

Full results are here.

So what’s up next? There’s the NGOC 50 weekend in the Forest of Dean – 2 Level B events. Entries still open.

Night League continues at Andover on Monday 20th. 

Then an army event at Fritham on Wednesday 22nd. 

On Saturday 25th, BKO  are holding a regional  event at Star Posts.

So plenty to look forward to. Have fun.

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