Co-Chairman’s Chat – October 8th

Posted on Tue, 8th October 2019 by Julie Astin
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What a fine day we had on Sunday at our Dorset Delight at Holmsley. I’ve already sent round a message to club members thanking everyone for their contribution, so I won’t repeat it all again. But I must emphasise what a large undertaking it is to put on an event – most of which the competitor doesn’t see – and some don’t appreciate. Until you’ve been involved in the preparation for an event – surveying, mapping, planning, organising etc. – you cannot fully understand the amount of work that’s involved. On the day, it sort of ran like clockwork, in spite of having several members unavailable due to holidays etc. So well done everyone concerned.

The results were up quickly (as usual!) thanks to James, in spite of the fact that the splits on 4 courses had to be analysed in order to decide whether to void a particular leg of the course, due to the fact that there was some concern that the control was in the wrong place. This was eventually done, after liaising with the Controller, Ian Peirce (Sarum), who did a very thorough and professional job for us. Here’s the link to the Results page. Most notable results were Esk – 1st/16 on Orange; and Jon Brooke – 3rd/40 on Blue. The courses were undoubtedly challenging – which is a good thing! And I believe most people had an enjoyable event.  No photos – sorry! Too busy.

November Classic  – entries are now up on fabian4. This event (November 3rd) is the biggest in the area, and we use it for our Club Championship. So in order to be competitive, you MUST enter your appropriate age class. Here are the details. On the day before, there is also the Chichester City Race.  Entries also availablenow on fabian4. So it should be  a great weekend.

But before that…. don’t forget that the Wessex Region Night League kicks off with our event in Poole Town on October 21st.  Here are the details – to reserve a map, please use the form on the website.

After the November Classic, WIM have an event in Ringwood North Forest.  Entries on fabian4.

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