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Posted on Tue, 15th January 2019 by Jason Falconer
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Back in the swing we have a few events recently to report. Last thursday our own Wessex Night League ran from the Haymoor Pub in Canford Heath where Dale planned a fiendishly hard straight score. With 25 controls spread evenly around the whole area, the skill here is purely about sequencing the running between locations. On some new areas of his previous map on the west side Dale picked a great selection of locations to challenge everyone in the league. Only 6 of the 40 competitors managed to collect all 25 controls,  with two managing to do some with only one transition control underneath the main road that bisects the East West road through the area. Well done to them and all the others who come along.



On sunday SOC held a forest event at Burley and Bratley, 20 of our runners went along to this big event with lots of Army guys there as it was an inter corp champs. Fantastic dry day and some great performances. First up Lyra Medlock W12 took a 4th from a field of 96 in the Green course- already running up Lyra shows no sign of slowing down her skills. Roger Crickmore took  7/ 87 on the Blue course also notable the three WSX guys James Jon  and Jolyon JJJ 30,31,32 on Brown – Peter Suba just beating them for a 27th in  fierce Brown contest. Wimborne hold another New Forest Event at Godshill on the 03 Feb entries are open now

Yesterday Night League 13 took us up to a new area of Basingstoke for a BADO night score. 42 Keen Beans came along including me, and our boys were right at the top again with 3rd and 4th for Alan and Peter. Good area and a flip map using both sides of an A4 was entertaining, with some big dark forest sections as well as the streets. Thanks BADO team for setting up. Results here.  Pure Grassroots sport.

Its Tuesday Training again tonight with Medium Hills- you know the drill so why not come along and bring a friend- chance to hassle me about bad jokes.

Finally—Dont forget this sunday the 20TH we are in Upton Country Park from 0945 so come and have a Score challenge for yourself or bring a family member for an easy Line course morning out. Ive lots more news to share but cant write it all up as Id never get all the mapping requests covered!!!

Springs Coming. Jason




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