Co-Chairmans Chat September 18th

Posted on Tue, 18th September 2018 by Jason Falconer
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Co-Chairmans chats from Jason now dear readers- as we go forward with a joint chairmanship Julie has asked me to write these weekly updates of all the good Wessex club activities that go on which is always to be weekend news- upcoming events and activities and of course- Tuesday Training! Its that time of year again where most peoples camping kit gets packed away after summer holidays, and the autumn comforts take priority over the outdoors, unless you Orienteer:- Autumn is where we get going and the next few weeks set the stage for Autumn Winter Action, theres always the Caddihoe chase and SWOA long distance champs in September that marks the start of the South West Season proper- Good luck to the 10 Members going to this, entries on day available as well. We’ve only 3 weeks left until the start of the Wessex Night League¬† and with an event on at a place called Middle Wallop who could resist that challenge?? And about 7/ 8 weeks left of the tuesday trail running on Talbot Heath until we start on the roads.

London City race last weekend– see photos, we had a great time there in the 11th city race Saturday, with some good results.

Sunday also saw another Urban for the first time in Cirencester, again several members made the trip special shout to Ian Sayer who showed superb continuity. His results sat- 12/96 and sunday 3/24 were both exactly in the  top 8th percentile of finishers in his age classes which is superb running we should all aspire to. Look out for upcoming posts on all next events, and all gearing up to the Agglestone race on 30th- com and get involved in your club and one of the best areas in U.K to Orienteer.

Tuesday training now- see you there!! Jason



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