Wessex Region Night League

Posted on Tue, 10th October 2017 by Gavin Clegg
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Handicap 1

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A few thoughts from Organiser Dale Paget:

I have previously planned Urban events, and also night events, although this was my first Urban Night Event. Having said that, as a good number of you commented, it didn’t feel so Urban as I did keep you off the streets as much as possible. The whole of the Canford Heath estate is full of off-road paths/parks/heath, etc. which make it very enjoyable for me when I am out on training runs. I tried to provide you with some of that through the event. It was good to see that 4 people achieved all controls collected within the hour – including Jo – well done for getting up amongst to top guys! I tried to plan the event so the top runners could achieve all controls and think I got it about right. It was a shame that one of the controls was vandalised. I believe Tim has credited the points to everyone who advised him at download. Thanks for all the really positive feedback. The map will have full contours and be extended further south for the Urban event in June. Come back again and see it all in the daylight!


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