Orientbeering 03 June

Posted on Wed, 10th May 2017 by Jason Falconer
Thinking aloud

SATS week is quiet time for a jolly post. Charlie the Bikemonger has been saying to me for years I should set up an Orientbeering activity. I have. Poolemouth has a great burgeoning brewpub scene run by enthusiastic people who love their beer and homegrown products. Even though G.B is a drink at home nation now due to the cheapness of alcohol in shops, pub culture is the social glue of the nation and Gods way of telling us he wants us to be happy. Explore the ten locations which have agreed to welcome visitors on the -03 June between 12- 5pm by bike, stop for a refresher and see somewhere new. If youre not on this list perhaps another time, sorry for missing you out. How far is it? I recorded 56 Km riding it, any route you want is fine, MTB across Canford Heath, Road,  Gravel through the parks, Micro Scooter, Ebike or Jetpac.

How does it work- Go to either Velodomestique in Southborne or Psychling in Wimborne with youre entry requirement at 12- One beer per person. Collect a pre-marked map of locations. Ride between them and stop for refreshment, collecting a raffle ticket per person from each place, mark them with your name. Return to your start point by 5 P.M and hand in tickets to a raffle- more tickets Рmore chance of winning. Winner gets all the beers brought in on the day. Have a great day and Ride safe.

Orienteering Club