Compass Sport Trophy – My Experience as a beginner

Posted on Thu, 16th March 2017 by

I joined Wessex club in November 2016, so haven’t actually done that many events, but, I know how to run (one leg in front of the other quickly is my approach) and I think I can read a map (10 years in the British Military helped with that).

Not sure exactly when, but I think it was sometime in January, Ian mentioned to me at a Tuesday evening training night if I was available on the 12th March to come along and take part in the Compass Sport Trophy, enthusiastically, I said yes, of course, child care permitting.

This would be my first competition. On a brown course (whatever that meant).

First thing I would say is that it was challenging. Much more challenging than the few urban night events I have done this winter, but not impossible. It was only my second time at Moors valley and the terrain was tough going under foot and the controls not easily accessible or visible at all, I did have to work hard. I was advised to stick to paths where possible, which was great advice and I did follow. Just short of 10km as a crow flies and 27 controls, I soon learnt that the brown course was the longest on the day (something to do with my age apparently).

All that aside, it was great fun, I loved every minute of it and cannot wait to do  more competitions and continue to learn and develop  my orienteering skills. I was welcomed by all the team and everyone was keen to offer words of advice and encouragement. The highlight clearly being the encouragement as I approached the finish from the rest of the team, thank you.

I hit every control, which is always my aim, so was very pleased with that.

See you all at the next event.

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