How long’s a piece of string?

Posted on Mon, 13th February 2017 by Jolyon Medlock
Event Reports Wessex Galoppen 2017

Although not the main event, first time string course organiser and planner Lyra (ably assisted by sister Esk) battled the elements to deliver a challenging course among the bramble and marshes of Holmsley. Using a variety of control features such as dens, knolls and distinctive trees, with liberally placed hand drawn and coloured pictures of woodland animals (each next to a pictorial O-flag), string coursers had to negotiate a number of obstacles, from stiles, fallen trees, and marshes, not to mention the biting winds and the prospect of snow flurries. Most of the brambles and toddler high branches were removed with secateurs and loppers (surely a requirement of all planners for the longer courses). Although not overly subscribed, many of Lyra’s peers were press-ganged into running the course at least twice to make the effort all worthwhile. Here the girls celebrate a successful event with fantastic baked potatoes, whilst snuggled down in their sleeping bags from their organisers’ command station (the boot).

(photo credit: Steve Rush BOK)

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