Chairman’s Chat – February 7th 2017

Posted on Tue, 7th February 2017 by Julie Astin
Club News

Hi everyone – I’m going to start off with some exciting news about our new website. Although it isn’t quite ready for ‘going live’ yet, we would like all of you to visit it at : and then Register yourself as follows:

Click “Log in” on the menu
– If you already use facebook, google or twitter, you can use that login on the website so click the appropriate icon
– If you don’t use any of those, click “Register” and fill in the details
– Once logged in, click “Edit my profile” in the drop-down menu  on the top right under your name and make sure all the relevant information is filled in. You can also upload a profile picture (avatar) here
– This will generate a notification for the administrators, who will give you elevated access as you are a club member. Once that is done, you will be able to see more pages and will be able to write posts! (More about that in due course)

Peter Suba who, along with his friend Robert Karaszi, have put a huge amount of work into the website over the last two years, will be giving a short ‘demonstration’ at our Presentation Social on February 25th. But please take a look now and tell us what you think. We’re always open to suggestions – it’s an evolving, not a finished, product!


I need to know by this Friday (10th) if you are coming to the Presentation Social on the 25th.

Onto event reports:

Well, we’ve had a flurry of Wessex Night League events over the last 5 days, so things are hotting up in the tables.

First of all, SOC held an event at Eastleigh – Stoke Wood, to be precise – so it was an interesting mix of urban and proper woodland orienteering. There was, as has become customary, a pub base for the event, complete with roaring log fire, and the after-event drinks and food was excellent.

We had 3 top-ten places:

Peter Suba =3rd; Alan Blanchflower 4th and Rob Hick 5th. Great results, in a very competitive field of 39.

On Saturday, Sarum held a non-urban event at Stonedown. Such events never get as high a turnout as the urban ones, but still a decent 23 runners.

Two excellent results for WSX: Peter in 1st and Rob Hick in 5th.

And last night there was the rather damp event in Dorchester. In spite of the weather, there was a decent turnout, and the map was really challenging (i.e. I made several mistakes!)

Peter Suba was pipped into 2nd place by Helen Bridle (a top international orienteer), and James Crickmore came 5th and John Cook 10th. Quite a few of us ended the evening with a really sociable meal at the Brewhouse and Kitchen nearby.

The latest League Tables should be on our website in due course, once Gavin Clegg has updated them.


Here’s the link to the forthcoming events from February to May (compiled by WIM)

Also, advanced notice that on Monday 3rd April we have a WIM/WSX evening at Wimborne and as part of the evening we are presenting the Wessex Region Night League Trophies and putting on a light buffet.  There will be an urban score course prior to this.

  • If you’re interested in going to the international JK’s over the Easter weekend, then you need to enter by March 12th, (the date for the cheaper rates has just passed!)
  • Here’s the link to the homepage:
  • And a reminder that if you ARE going to the JK’s and would like to join a relay team, please let me know.
And finally, there’s the Tuesday evening club training session – 6pm at Bournemouth Uni.
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