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VEGETATION AND ITS BOUNDARIES As we all know, vegetation comes in three different thicknesses. Pale Green is – Slow Run; Middle Green is – Walk; Dark Green is – Fight, or Impenetrable, or Impassable. Each description is normally preceded by the word “forest”. The ‘slow run’ and ‘walk’ colours may also be in stripes indicating […]

Traffic Lighting

Traffic Lighting Each leg of a course can be broken down to bite-size pieces. Too much information just leads to mistakes – make it easy on yourself. Decide what your attack point is. Work back from there using large obvious features. Now the green light is on. Amber is where you need to verify decisions. […]


The Perils Of Planning – One Person’s View If you ever get the opportunity to plan some Orienteering Courses grasp it with both hands. It is almost guaranteed to improve your navigation for future events. I recently planned our Gallopen at Cull-Peper’s Dish and this is a brief resume of how I went about it. […]


YOUR MAPS – Whence Commeth They When we talk about mapping I think we ought to break it down to separate operations. There is the Surveying part and the Cartography part. I won’t say too much about the cartography part as the usage of the well known OCAD system of computerized map production is a […]

Pace Counting

PACE COUNTING I prepared these notes for the Social Evening in June. They may be of more general interest around the club. I’m afraid however that you missed making an exhibition of yourselves in running up and down my road over a 100 metre stretch. What is it? A simple technique to tell you roughly […]
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